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Safeguarding - Bullying

At Benjamin Britten, we define bullying behaviour as repeated, negative behaviour that is intended to make others feel upset, uncomfortable or unsafe.

There is no legal definition of bullying, but it is usually defined as repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically, and is often aimed at certain people because of their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation or any other aspect such as appearance or disability. It can happen face-to-face or online.

Bullying can take many forms including:

Bullying is not simply a 'falling out'.

We are proud to have trained ten of our pupils to be Anti-bullying Ambassadors, who run a Support Hub every break and lunch in English Room 14.

Useful links

National Bullying helpine

Advice and support for children who are being bullied. 

0300 323 0169

Anti Bullying Alliance

For advice and support about bullying for parents/carers, young people, or those who work with young people.

Bullying UK

Bullying UK offers support to young people, parents and schools in all aspects of bullying, cyber-bullying, bullying in school.

0808 800 2222 (7am – midnight)


To help keep children safe. Our vision is for all children to grow up in supportive communities safe from bullying and harm.​

Call: 020 7823 5430

WhatsApp: 07496 682785



Cyberbullying is when a person, or a group of people, uses the internet, mobile phones or other digital technologies to threaten, tease or abuse someone.
Find out more: 


Information for educators, parents, carers and young people, sharing specific advice and resources on issues such as social networking and cyberbullying.
Find out more: 


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