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TwitBook - Can you spot the problems with this profile page?

What can you learn about Chloe by looking at her profile page?

What do you think she should have kept hidden?

If she applied for a job, and her future employer saw her profile page - what would they think?

How has she put herself in danger?

What has she said or done that could get her into trouble?



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Safeguarding - Child to Parent Abuse

Safeguarding - Gender Identity Discrimination

Safeguarding - Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism

Safeguarding - FGM and Honour Based Violence

Safeguarding: Social Media & Mental Health

Safeguarding - Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Computing Science

Safeguarding: Instagram

Safeguarding - Child Exploitation (CCE)and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)


Careers education, information, advice and guidance at Benjamin Britten School

Year 9 Options 2024-2025

Local Governing Body Vacancies

Curricular Enrichment (Clubs)

School Newsletters

Statutory Policies, Procedures and Funding Agreements

Post-16 Open Events for Year 11s

Local Governing Body Information


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