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Year 9 Options 2024-2025

Introduction to Options

See also: our Key Stage 4 Curriculum

This is an important time for Year 9 students as they start to make some decisions that could have an effect on their future direction.  Even though it is seen as a real bonus by most students it does of course carry a significant responsibility to get it right.  Ultimately the decision has to be the student’s, although we see the process as a partnership between student, parent and school and to this end we will try and provide you, and your son or daughter, with all the information and support you need.

To help informed choices to be made, we have arranged a series of events over the next few weeks and an approximate timeline for the Options process.


Options Timeline

Year 9 Options : Subject Presentations

In this section...

Year 11 Students Summer Holiday NCS Experience

NHS 111 mental health support

Careers education, information, advice and guidance at Benjamin Britten School

Mobile Phone and Smart Watch Policy.


School Daily Routine


Gastro Menu

My Homework

See also...


Google Classroom - Change Notification Settings

Useful Careers Websites

Post-16 Opportunities

Careers videos for lessons


Safeguarding - Harmful Sexual Behaviours

Safeguarding - Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health

Safeguarding - Gender Identity Discrimination

BBMA Remembrance 2020 v2.0

Year 11 Supporting Success

The GCSE Survival Guide - a free handbook for parents — Tassomai

Safeguarding - Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Term Dates


Sorting Visualiser


Statutory Policies, Procedures and Funding Agreements

Admissions information

School Newsletters

Local Governing Body Vacancies

Hartismere Family :: Policy Documents


Local Governing Body Information

Artificial intelligence and assessments


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