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Mobile Phone and Smart Watch Policy.

The use and possession of mobile phones and Smart Watches by scholars on school premises during the school day, including at break and lunch time, is prohibited. Any mobile phone or Smart Watch used on the journey to and from school must be securely deposited with Heads of Year in either the Upper or Lower School Office promptly on arrival on school premises, to be collected at 3:30pm. Subsequently, any mobile phone or Smart Watch that is observed during the school day will be confiscated and securely held at either the Upper or Lower School Office until the scholar’s parent or guardian is available to collect it in person. Formal sanctions will be applied to any scholar who refuses to surrender their mobile phone or Smart Watch upon request. In the event a parent or guardian urgently needs to contact their child, the School Office is fully staffed throughout the day. 

The school accepts no responsibility for mobile phones or Smart Watches that are lost, damaged or stolen on school premises or transport, during school visits or trips, or while pupils are travelling to and from school. Students bringing these devices to school do so at their own risk.

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