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What is GCSE Drama all about?
Making drama and experiencing theatre is part of being human. It spans our histories and cultures and is a vital and treasured part of our lives. Through creative exploration in drama and theatre, aesthetic experiences and the making of shared meanings, we learn to develop our appreciation of the world around us. During the course you will contribute your own ideas and create performances based on these. You will explore the views of many influential drama practitioners such as Stanislavski, Brecht and Artaud. You will experiment with various styles of acting and play many roles in different creative situations. You will develop the ability to work successfully as an individual and as part of a group whilst developing your practical, creative and critical skills. Many of the skills you will learn and develop will be highly valued in your future even if you do not continue to study drama. If you do continue with drama, you will have an excellent foundation to get you on your way.