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Artificial intelligence and assessments

What is AI? 

How can AI be misused in assessments?

AI misuse is when you take something made using AI and say it’s your own work


How do I make sure I don’t misuse AI?

Know the rules

Reference reference reference!

Declare it’s all your own work

When you hand in your assessment, you have to sign a declaration. Anything without a reference must be all your own work. If you’ve used an AI tool, don’t sign the declaration until you’re sure you’ve added all the references.

What happens if I misuse AI?

If you’ve misused AI, you could lose your marks for the assessment – you could even be disqualified from the subject.



Misusing AI is cheating!

Know the rules.

Talk to your teachers.

Reference clearly.

This information is provided by the Joint Council for Qualifications



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