Benjamin Britten Academy of Music & Mathematics

An 11-18 co-educational day school and Centre of Excellence in Mathematics

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School Library

The School Library boasts an extremely well-sourced stock of non-fiction and fiction books to support studies across the curriculum and students are taught how to source information effectively as soon as they begin High School in Year 7. Within the Library there are two sound-proof study pods available for group work, quiet studying, revision, clubs and meetings. There are also computers, iPads, daily newspapers and magazines and board games available. 

Accelerated Reader

From Years 7-9, students are enrolled on the Accelerated Reader (AR) programme; a software assessment tool used to monitor and manage independent reading practice. In the Autumn Term, each student receives a personalised reading programme, based on the results of a literacy and comprehension assessment, which then creates their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). The ZPD indicates the range of books within which your child should be reading, which are neither too easy nor too challenging and have the capacity to develop students' literacy and vocabulary skills to their full potential. Students are expected to have an AR book with them at all times and complete at least one book and the attached online quiz per month. Students have a target of achieving 85% correct on their quizzes and move up the levels in their ZPD as they progress throughout the year. Certificates are awarded to those who make considerable progress on the programme and each time a student reaches the 'one million words' mark.  For more information on how the scheme works at the school, please see the attached Accelerated Reader Guide for Parents.

School Stationery Shop 

The School Stationery Shop is located in the Library and stocks a vast selection of stationery at very reasonable prices. We also sell revision guides for all subjects at 50% of the price of high street retailers for both GCSE and Key Stage 3. 

Careers Library

The Careers Library is also located within the Library and is a valuable source of information for students looking ahead to college and university. We stock current prospectuses for the top ten UK universities, local colleges and apprenticeship schemes as well as subscriptions to careers advice websites.


Pod 2 hosts Chess Club every Wednesday lunchtime with Mr Pagan and Pub Quiz takes place every Thursday lunchtime in Week 2. Lunch Club is also available every day in Pod 1 for those students who prefer to steer clear of the hustle and bustle of the canteen and corridors.

Library Garden

The Library Garden is currently under construction and will become a beautiful outside reading room for students and staff to enjoy from September 2016.


The School Library is open from 8:30am - 5:00pm. For more information on Library services, please see the attached Library Guide for Parents.