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Expressive Arts

Welcome to Expressive Arts where you will create, perform, share and reflect.

Being creative starts here…

The Expressive Arts faculty offers a unique opportunity to our students. They will participate in the Expressive Arts specialism program where they will not only develop their subject specific skills but expand their experience through collaborative performances. Here is a brief overview of the curriculum.

Year 8

There is a shared topic amongst Art, Drama and Music and students will explore the central theme through the different specialisms. During Term two students will look at other cultures. In Drama they will study Kabuki Theatre, Aboriginal dream time stories and even learn the Haka whereas in Art they will experience work from around the world and in Music explore everything from the Moody Blues to Russian folk.

Year 9

This is where Expressive Arts kicks it up a notch! Three times a year students will spend a short amount of time becoming specialists in one of the three subjects. They will work intensively together to create an original performance, a large piece of installation art or even form their own rock band. Of course this is still set on a given topic; in Term One students explore the end of the world. In Art they create a huge landscape piece, in Drama they will explore the concept of The Dome and who survives and in Music they will write songs of hope.