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PE Kit Procedure


The P.E department is notifying parents that, with effect from 18 April 2017, scholars will no longer be able to bring a note into school from their parent or carer excusing them from participating in their P.E lesson.

Instead, if parents believe their child to be physically unable to participate, they are required to telephone or email their child’s P.E teacher directly, explaining the extent of the injury. The P.E department urges parents or carers to ensure this is done at the earliest opportunity. It is essential that this information is not given to other members of staff in the school, as the conversation with the P.E teacher is an essential part of being able to understand what, if any, extra provision needs to be made for our scholars. 

At this point the P.E teacher will make a decision about the scholar’s suitability to take part in their lesson. 

Accordingly, all scholars will now be required to change into their P.E kits for their P.E lesson, regardless of their ability to participate.We want, and expect, every child to be an active participant in P.E lessons. Parental requests that children do not fully take part in P.E lessons should only be made in the event that they are suffering from physical injury which significantly restricts their ability to participate.

With regards to illness; if a child is well enough to attend school, they will be deemed well enough to attend their P.E lesson, taking an active part in their learning. The P.E department would like to reassure parents or carers that there will be times when a scholar may not feel 100% and, on these occasions, they would always expect them to do the best they can. If necessary, appropriate provision will be made for them should they find the lesson too physically challenging.