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Year 7 2018 Landscape Art

Year 7 started this part of their colour project by recording the landscape colours in words and then in strips of colour. They were asked to look with care at the subtle chan...

Statutory Policies, Procedures and Funding Agreements

Copies of all the Policies and Procedures which are required of the school are found on this page.

Image of the Month July 2018 TRAVEL

June Art image 2018 ART IN WORDS

Year 7's decided to use their emotions and images of themselves to create pieces for June's Image of the month.

Image of the Month June 2018

This month the idea is to link art and words together. Please see attached poster for information and ideas.

Art April/ May image of the Month

Images came in from Year 7 this month and they had some create ways of thinking about the colour Green. Mr Fisher went for a more environmental message, but of course he had t...

Year 8 My School 2018

Year 8's have looked at the architecture of the school. They have studied the art movement Bauhaus and the artist Klee, Kandinsky and Albers along with Mondrian. From this wor...

Image of the Month April/ May 2018 GREEN

Have a go at creating an image linked to the themes. This could be from just using the colour green, taking an environment message as your starting point or the aged old idea ...

March Madness 2018

Students and staff took part in creating an image to reflect the idea of madness. Well done to all who took part.

Benjamin Britten Project Art

8 students spent the day learning how to create beautiful watercolours of flowers found in the gardens of the Red House. They had expert tuition from artist Ruth Wharrier and ...

Year 7 Art Pattern 2018

As part of Year 7's pattern work they have looked at the artist Beatriz Milhaze. They have studied her work and the way she creates bright colourful patterned filled paintings...

Year 7 2018 Pattern work

Year 7's have been looking at Klimt and using their knowledge of 3D objects to create a response

Febrauray 2018 Art winner LOVE

Well Done Nikola Year 7

Art Competeition March 2018 MADNESS

Year 8 Art November's Image of the Month

Two Year 8's receiving their certificates for Image of the Month. Well done and keep it up.

December's Image of the month Art: WINTER

Year 7 Recycled Doves

Year 7 were asked to create some Christmas Doves to highlight the need to recycle. The Doves will be hung at Ipswich Town Hall and the Apex at Bury St Edmunds. Doves now on di...

Year 8 Art Perspective

Year 8's have been looking at how to draw using perspective. They have studied one point and two point perspective. They were set the task to create a cityscape using one poin...

Subject Knowledge Enhancement training at Benjamin Britten

We are pleased to announce that Benjamin Britten, Centre for Excellence in Mathematics, will be running Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) in Secondary Mathematics. This is a...

Teacher Subject Specialist Training: Secondary Maths

We are pleased to announce that Benjamin Britten, Centre for Excellence in Mathematics, will be running Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) in Secondary Mathematics. Th...

Teacher Subject Specialism Training: Core Maths

We are pleased to announce that Benjamin Britten, Centre for Excellence in Mathematics, will be running Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) in Core Maths. This is a DfE...

Year 9 Art Cells

As a starting point Year 9 have linked to Science looking at plant cells and their own cells through microscopes. This investigation was then expanded into abstract and imagin...

Year 11 Art Final Pieces

Year 11 had an amazing Year and produced some excellent final pieces a small selection is below.

Year 7 Art Trip to Ipswich Museums

Year 7 had an amazing trip to Ipswich Museums, they spent the day drawing from the extraordinary and diverse collection. The day was spread over two museums Christchurch Mansi...

Image of the Month ART Summer

Inaugural Upper School Awards Ceremony

The Marina Theatre played host to a night of collective recognition in the form of the inaugural Upper School Awards Evening, held on May 2. Over five hundred guests, includin...

Art Competition PEDALMAJIG

Massive congratulations to Emily Sharman Year 8 who won the competition to design a pedal powered machine which will travel around Suffolk collecting donations for the charity...

Image of the Month April/ May EMOTIONS

Have a go at creating something that links to the theme. All entries to Mrs Steward, Art Studio, one by the 26th of May. Good Luck.

Images for March competition Art

Beautiful, creative and imaginative images this month. They show a real sense of the hope and joy of Spring. Well done to Ms Osborne-Clamp, Lauren Taylor, Mrs Dixon, Joshua Ta...

Year 9 Art Portraits

Year 9's have been exploring artists and how they portray themselves. They have looked at the art of Picasso, Francis Bacon and Roy Lichtenstein. They have explored different ...


Year 8's are looking at the artist Hundertwasser, learning about his style and philosophy. They have responded to him working in his style. They will make links to their local...

March's Art competition Spring

February's Art competition LOVE

Exciting month with two members of staff taking part as well as pupils. Well done to you all. Mr Fisher for his amazing Star Wars image and Mr Sweetman with an adorable image ...

January's Art competion Skies

Entries from Joshua Reid, Emily Moore, Emily Wenham, Sara-Louise Jarvis, Hailie Hutchenson andArry Cozens. Well done to you all.

January's Art competion Skies

Entries from Joshua Reid, Emily Moore, Emily Wenham, Sara-Louise Jarvis, Hailie Hutchenson andArry Cozens. Well done to you all.

Year 7 Art COLOUR

Year 7's have started to look at colour and are using still life as a vehicle to explore this. They are working from observation using hot and cold colours and developing thei...

Year 11 final piece Art

Outstanding mixed media work. Excellent use of colour and pen work. Well Done

Image of the month January: Skies

Year 11 Callum Thomas

Inspired by the Pop Artist Claus Oldenburg Callum has created a larger than life dented Pepsi can as part of his GCSE course work in Art. He then took images in the school can...

Year 7 Art Pattern

Year 7's have completed the term with some amazing final pieces. These images were created using water colours, pencil crayons and felt tips. They linked to the three artists ...

Year 7 "Upcycling" Art

Year 7’s magnificent “upcycled” Cd’s hanging upstairs in the Atrium at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds. Around 1200 baubles in all and half of them are on display in Bury and half...

Lower School Art Club

Emily is learning to draw in a Manga style she has shown real perseverance and tried to capture the style. We love your imaginative use of colour in the hair. You have also an...

Drawing of the Month Competition December

CELEBRATION!!! create an image that, for you, sums up the word Good Luck and all entries to Mrs Steward by the 5th of January 2017

Year 7 Recycling Project Christmas 1000 Brilliant Baubles

Year 7s have been asked in Art to create some Christmas Baubles for Suffolk County Council under their recycling scheme. The children have risen to the challenge and are produ...

Year 8 My School Mondrian

Year 8s are developing their skills with perspective, looking at the artist Mondrian and making visual links to their school. Some examples of their research and images:

Drawing of the month competition NOVEMBER Creative Faces

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