Benjamin Britten Academy of Music & Mathematics

An 11-18 co-educational day school and Centre of Excellence in Mathematics

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School Staffing


Mr J McAtear – Headmaster

Mr A George – Assistant Headteacher/Head of Lower School

Mrs K Jenkins - Assistant Headteacher - Progress

Mrs I Thurbon - Assistant Headteacher/Head of Upper School

Mrs D Greenard – Business and Estates Manager

Miss A Ridley - Director of Learning

Heads of Year

Mr N Challis, Mrs S Reynolds and Mrs J Mercer– Heads of Year 7

Mrs N Wright and Mrs S Edge – Heads of Year 9

Miss K Armon/Mr A Sweetman and Miss R Banns – Heads of Year 10

Mr D Flanagan and Mrs C Overy – Heads of Year 11

Mrs E Sparkes, Mrs K Brown and Mrs A Knights – Heads of Year 8



Teaching and Classroom Support Staff

English Department

Miss C Galeski – Head of Department

Mrs M Cator - Head of English Literature

Mr A Hopper - Lead Practitioner in English

Mrs E Sparkes

Mr N Charter

Mrs C Breach

Mrs A Sweetman

Mrs N Mills

Mrs S Cook

Miss A Baumgartner

Mrs C Willkinson

Mr D Mullender – English Support 

Science Department

Mrs O Roffey - Head of Department

Dr M Wright - Head of Department

Mrs A Guy 

Mr E Wareham

Dr A Ridley

Dr L Gooch

Mr G Mutimer

Mr A Curl-Roper

Mr N Shuttlewood

Mr O Snell

Mr M Sidell

Mr J Ward– Science Technician

Mr M Tolley - Science Technician

Mathematics Department

Mrs K Jenkins - Director of Mathematics

Mrs J Mutimer - Head of Mathematics

Mrs N Wright

Miss M Gardner

Mrs J Adams

Mr S Phillips

Mrs K Askew

Mr A Sweetman

Mr M Fawcett

Mr W Murray

Language Department

Mrs K Van Zeller – Head of Department

Miss K Armon

Mrs F Crame-Kermarrec

Miss R Davey

Humanities Department

Mr P Barber – Head of Department

Mr J Gallagher

Mr D Flanagan

Mr A Lattimore

Miss S Bircham

Mrs J Hudson

Mr S Ward

Miss P Shaw

Physical Education Department

Miss Z Schofield - Head of Department

Mr A Humphrey

Mrs A McDonald

Mr P Wayman

Expressive Arts Department

Mrs C Breen – Head of Expressive Arts

Mrs E Halse - Teacher of Dance

Mrs Fuschillo - Teacher of Music

Mr L Chapman - Music Technician

Art Department

Mrs C Steward - Head of Art

Mrs I Thurbon - Safeguarding Lead

Miss A Wisker - Textiles

Mrs N Gamble

Computer Science Department

Mr A Cook

Mrs T Manser

Health and Social and Business Department

Mrs A Miles - Head of Department

Technology Department

Mrs J Dyball - Head of Department

Media Department

Mr N Challis - Head of Department

Food Technology Department

Mrs H Hyde

Mrs N Gopaul

Mrs L Pike - Technician

Cover Supervisors

Mrs D Dixon

Mrs L Barrett

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Poole - SENCO

Mrs M Canham

Mrs J Baker

Mrs S Hart

Mrs J Nunn

Mr G Temple

Mrs S Whitlow

Mrs A Knights

Mrs N Gilbody

Miss R Humphrey


Administration and Support Staff

School Administration Team

Mrs J Carter

Mrs L Flanagan

Mrs H Clark

Mrs J Lewis

Miss V Rogers - Headmaster's PA

Mrs H Stock

Mrs C Laws

Miss E Smith – Examinations Officer

Miss A Stanley -  Legal Adviser, Data Protection Lead

Behaviour Support

Mrs A Pollard – Behaviour Support Officer

Mrs L Sidell - Exclusions Coordinator

Library and Careers

Miss A Stanley – Learning Resources Manager, Careers  Lead, Most Able Students Lead

Mr D Mullender-Librarian

Work Experience

Mrs J Waters

Computing Services

Mr L Baker

Site Staff

Mr S Agger- Site Manager

Mr R McCaffery - Cleaning and Maintenance Supervisor 

Mrs A Carmenates-Romero - General Assistant