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Parent information- useful links for post-16 options

All Year 11 students are invited to a one-to-one meeting with a member of the Careers team during the Autumn term. Within these meetings, we discuss the wide range of options available to students when they leave school, looking at both academic and technical/ vocational routes, as well as local provision and provision slightly further afield. 

Below are some useful links for parents and carers who would like to know a little more about the options available so that they can also support their child with this important next step.

Students also have access to a Careers Google Classroom which hosts lots of useful information and resources, as well as a copy of the Careers Class Booklet they worked through during their careers lessons in Year 10. This booklet looks at the different options in greater depth.

If you have any queries or questions as a parent or carer, please do not hesitate to contact the careers team on and we will do our very best to assist you. Please note, the list below is not exhaustive...


A Levels

A Levels are Level 3 qualifications that you study at a Sixth Form College.  A Levels are offered in many different subjects, including all of the subjects you have been able to study at GCSE level, plus some you will not have come across yet, such as: 

Law, Graphics, Further Maths, Philosophy, Music Technology, Politics, Psychology, Sociology …and many more!

You can study these locally at:

Lowestoft Sixth Form College: and  

East Norfolk Sixth Form College:



BTECs are Level 3 vocational qualifications that provide specialist, work-related  learning across a range of sectors. They are more practical than A-Levels and are offered in areas such as: 

Medical Science, Business, Digital Games Production, Sport, Forensic Science …and many more!

You can study these locally at:

Lowestoft Sixth Form College: and  

East Norfolk Sixth Form College:



Diplomas are similar to BTECs in that they give you knowledge and skills in a specific area. They are hands on, practical courses, which have less theory than A-Levels, and can prepare you to go into specific careers. They can sometimes include a work placement. Courses can include: 

Plumbing, Hair and Beauty, Childcare, Electrical Installation, Construction, Animal Care, Engineering, Health and Social Care 

…and many more!

You can study these locally at:

East Coast College (they have a campus in Lowestoft and another in Great Yarmouth): 


T Levels

T-Levels are new Level 3 qualifications, recently introduced by the government and equivalent to three A Levels. They combine theory/classroom with a work placement. Approximately 80% of the course will be delivered at a college and 20% of it will be the work placement- you will undertake a minimum of 45 days of work experience during the two years. Courses can include:

Digital Production, Design and Development, Health and Science, Construction, Engineering and Manufacturing, Education and Childcare, Finance

As they are brand new qualifications, they are currently only offered locally by:

East Norfolk Sixth Form College:

however East Coast College are also developing some T-Level courses for 2022 so keep an eye on their website too:



You may be considering entering the labour market when you leave school, through an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a combination of working and studying/ training. As a minimum you will be working 30 hours per week and you will be paid the national minimum wage for apprentices (or higher, if your employer wants to pay you more).

Looking for an apprenticeship is a bit like looking for a job. Here are some useful websites:

-Central government database for apprenticeship vacancies:

-East Coast College Apprenticeships team:

-You can also look on generic jobs search websites:

-As well as specific company websites (these are just examples):

-Apprenticeships Suffolk:

-General info on apprenticeships:



A traineeship is an unpaid work placement that allows you to develop the skills  needed to start an apprenticeship or a job. On average, a traineeship will last for six months, but it can be up to a year.

Looking for a traineeship is a similar process to looking for an apprenticeship.

This is a useful website to begin with:


Specialist SEND Provision

Phoenix Purple at City College Norwich: Inclusive learning in smaller groups

East Coast College: Foundation learning courses:


Other local FE provision:

Easton College: Land based, agricultural and animal studies:

Suffolk Rural College: Land based, agricultural and animal studies

Life Skills Lowestoft: Entry level qualifications with smaller group sizes:

YMCA Training: Entry level qualifications with smaller group sizes:


Industry specific training: 

East Coast Community Health: Health sciences courses:

Football Industry College: Sports and coaching programmes of study:


Armed forces: