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Year 10 into Year 11 Photography Summer work

You will need to take at least 100 photographs linked to your theme EMOTIONS

You will need to consider the way you take your images and how it will support edits back at school.

Think about the following:

Atmosphere: what will an area give you in this to help suggest an emotion? For example loneliness portrayed through an empty theme park.

Lighting: Highlights, dark areas, shadows, sunrise, sunset, dusk and the impact light has on an emotion. For example, silhouettes  of hands clasped together.

Objects: What is happening in the background (behind the object) should this be blank or help enhance the object? For example a brightly coloured toy with a bright patterned wall paper behind might distract from the toy.

Think about colours carefully and lighting when taking these images. reflections might also be interesting.


Message: What can you use the photograph for later when editing, what could you add in, what are you trying to say?


faces: Think about different angles and lighting, colour, background, mood etc., remember the more you have the more possibilities you will have in September.


Finally Play with your camera and enjoy unusual angles and lighting, try filters and explore constantly.