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Year 10 into Year11 Summer Art Homework

Please ensure you have completed all the work below before you return in September, this forms part of your 60% coursework mark:

Man Made front cover be creative and imaginative in this

Mind map linked to own theme, think about how you lay this out, how you use lettering

Secondary images linked to own theme with annotation on how these images will help inform your project, why you chose them and how they have used colour.

Primary images linked to your theme. These need to be of high quality and support your project. Think about the way you take the photograph and ensure the background is either plain or linked to your ideas.

Find and research two artists who link to your theme through either subject matter, style or colours.

Present both artists in a mature and considered manner reflecting their work. Remember what you have learnt about this type of work in Year 10.

Finally respond to your artists using your primary and secondary images, ensure your visual work reflects their style, colours, composition.